Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cute Speach

The Frog believe it or not seems to say most words pretty accurately (at least to my ears... I've had friends say that can't understand him at all! haha) but there are some things that are so cute and I want to remember them.  Humor me.

For the past month, every time he says something cutely (and if I notice) I've been emailing myself.  This is most assuredly not a complete list and I reserve the right to add to it later.  Don't feel like you need to check back.

puff = elephant (actually, he says this correctly now, but he used to say this and I don't want to forget.  I think he got it from the noise they make?)
ageller = together
steeerns = stairs
fah-der = father
tree-aya = tiara
I'm wery busy, mom = I'm very busy, mom
sloller = stroller
ginks, gink you = Thanks, Thank you
poo-der =computer
netfix = Netflix
prize= surprise
Logurt = yogurt
lellow = yellow
ceratops = triceratops
T-Rack = T-Rex
sider = spider
Old macDonald = McDonald's
May-doe head = Mr. Potato Head, similarly, a potato is a "may-doe"

When he's mad at me he always says "I'm gonna make a BIG MESS!!"
He's also started to use phrases he hears me say as excuses for himself.  For example, at night when he wants to do certain rowdy or time intensive things I'll tell him "it's too late" to do that.  Now, whenever I try to change his diaper he informs me that "it's too late" to change him.  I also tell him to keep certain toys off the ground because I don't want Peach to choke on them.  Now, whenever she's playing with something he wants to play with, he'll snatch it out of her hands and claim that "she'll choke on it!"
Lately, at nap time, he'll inform me that "the moon is going down and the sun is coming up!" as proof that it's not time to sleep.  My favorite is when he says it like this:

The Frog: Mom!  I think I hear something!
Me:  You do?
The Frog:  I think I hear the sun coming up!

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AngelaMuir said...

crack me up. i cant wait for max to talk. Miss you, it was great to see Jay!