Friday, May 6, 2011

Running Through Sprinkles

   Yesterday, The Frog wanted to go swimming, right at the time I was supposed to start making dinner.  He had remembered the blow up swimming pool from last summer and he wanted me to set it up, but I explained that we couldn't because it takes too long to set up and the water would be too cold unless we could let it sit out in the sun all day.  Well, he was quite upset so I told him we could run through the sprinklers instead.  He seemed a little confused but I reassured him that this was normal behavior and went upstairs to get his swim suit.
    He told me "I'll wait right here on this towel, mom,"  referring to our new kitchen rug that I guess he thinks looks more like a towel.
    By the time I came downstairs with his suit, he was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, "I got the sprinklers, mom!"  While I was upstairs, he decided instead of waiting on the towel, he would help with the preparations- he had pushed a chair up to the cupboard and got out a bottle of our rainbow sprinkles :)