Monday, May 30, 2011

May update

I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated!  May has gone by so fast!  I haven't taken many pictures lately, but I have a few (not chronologically, but I'm to lazy to rearrange them...)
 Peach keeps threatening to crawl properly, but is content to flop back down on her belly and army crawl when she wants to go anywhere.  She is starting to pull herself up to standing.  I wonder if she'll learn to walk before she crawls the traditional way.
I love this shot.  The Frog did this :)
 The Frog hasn't had a haircut since November and he often sports a nice rats nest like this.  I finally cut it today.
 First time having the kiddos take a bath together.  Peach loved being in the deep water, but I don't think she loved the constant attention.  This is the only picture I got because by the time I got upstairs with the camera, she had had enough.

We got a backpack child carrier in anticipation of going cool places in the near future.  (hopefully).  We decided to try it out.
The Frog had enough after awhile and decided he'd rather help.  He loves that green fertilizer thing and constantly asks me if he can "mow the lawn" with it.
Peach trying on her new sun hat from Nanie.  It's awesome!  Full coverage and it actually stays on :)
She has the amazing ability to find small scraps of dead foliage to try and choke on whenever we go outside.
For Mother's Day I just wanted a family photo, but I changed into comfy clothes for a nap after church and didn't want to be in them anymore.  Peach didn't either...
This one's pretty cute, no?

Every time I leave The Frog downstairs to put Peach down to sleep, I come downstairs and The Frog has begun munching on an apple from the fridge.  He never finishes them though, so I save them in the fridge in a plastic bag for next time.  Next time, he always gets a new one...
Out for a family stroll on a nice day.

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