Friday, November 4, 2011

Leaf Raking

Iris's coach emailed me to tell me that the night before the state tournament, all the girls were getting together for dinner and they were all going to bring some kind of treat with an inspirational message.  When Iris came home that night, I poked through her bag to see what kind of sayings people came up with.  Most people had attached insightful quotes about courage or doing your best, or how to be successful in life etc., etc. 

 'Spose my idea of inspiration is a bit different. **blush**  Here's what I sent her with:

Now for the cuteness:
she may be nearly bald, but still not immune to the forces of static electricity
don't you just want to squish her?!

of course.  his first impulse is always to crash, bang, or throw things.

what a great helper :)

he quickly realized it was much funnier to throw leaves...

at me!

This one might make the Christmas card, folks!

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