Friday, November 25, 2011


We went to my mom's for Thanksgiving this year.  It was kind of a small crowd, only my parents and my little family.  When we got there, The Frog asked, "where are my friends?"  (talking about his cousins)  It was sad to tell him they weren't coming, but we still made enough food to feed the whole group :)

I attempted my grandma's rolls.  They were good, but not as good as hers.
My mom made the best stuffing I've ever had- from the Test Kitchen Cookbook.
Roasted hubbard squash,
Waldorf salad (I forgot how pleasant this is!  My mom used mayo instead of whipping cream this year.  I think I like both ways!)
I decided we should have a sweet potato casserole, since it's traditional (for Iris), but my family doesn't usually serve one.  It was pretty good, but everyone agreed, it almost tasted exactly like pumpkin pie, so a bit redundant.  I might try them again w/out sugar in the potatoes, and slicing them instead of mashing them.
Turkey, mashed potatoes and 2 kinds of home-made cranberry sauce.  (now do you know why I tend to over-do it? I get it from my mom...)
My mom alllllways makes pumpkin pie from the Libby's can, but this year tried the Test Kitchen recipe.  I like Libby's better, but maybe that's just because I grew up with it...  It was still great though!
We've had a lot of pumpkin pie around here lately, (and Iris isn't a huge fan) so I also brought the Pioneer Woman's blackberry cheesecake.  It was good, but I thought it was too dense and very thick- I noticed after that she calls for a 10" springform pan, and I have a 9".  The simple topping was great.  I think I might try lowering the sugar in the cake and using plain yogurt instead of sour cream sometime... I'll report back.
Here's the crew- minus me (behind the camera.)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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