Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peach Speaks

This blog has been very picture heavy for the last long while, and I haven't been recording much of the kids' development.  This won't be the most interesting to read for most of you, it's more for my scientific needs to document data and to be able to answer future inquiries by my kids.

Since The Frog didn't really say anything (even mama and dada were a bit debatable if he understood completely) until 15.5 months, I've been shocked that Peach has already started saying things and clearly understands fairly complicated sentences.  She's starting to get to the point where she picks up a new word each day.

in approximate chronological order:
dada (for awhile she always said "dad")
peckoo = peekaboo
nana = banana
ppbbb = what does an elephant say?
ow = owl
moo = what does a cow say?
(with an emphatic strain) chEEEEE = cheese
moke = some kind of drink (stems from milk)
gaykyou = thank you
bakey = blankie
ooo (with hands to mouth) = food
wawa = water
ju = juice
baaa = bath
zsyou = shoe (not sure how to write the s in "pleasure" sound)
book (with a very deliberate "k")
"ooo ooo" while slapping her belly = gorilla
puts her finger to her lips and blows = shhhhhh
"no" and points just below her nose = nose

Other cutenesses I want to remember:

When you ask her a yes or no question, she will always respond with either a very deliberate nod and an intent look in her eyes, or she'll scrunch up her whole face and shake it no.  She has very animated facial expressions.  (pretty sure I know where that came from...)

She loooves the tubby :)  If you mention anything about a bath in her presence, not even necessarily to her, she starts making her way upstairs and let's you know she's going up.

If you ask her "where's your blankie?"  She will immediately go find it- and she always knows exactly where it is.  She also asks for it when she gets hurt and immediately calms down once she gets it.

Peach barks and (more often) pants like a dog when she sees any representation of one- including her pretending older brother.  (He often refers to himself as "the dog" to express himself.  As in "the dog wants this" or "the dog can't say sorry because dogs don't talk, mom".)

She lately loves to walk around with a tissue and try to blow her nose and offer to blow other peoples' noses for them.  If you let her blow yours, she says "gaykyou!"

She loves to feed other people and takes it quite personally if you won't accept her slimy offering.

She loves to play peekaboo and getting chased.  She also requests "this little piggie" by touching her stomach and saying "wee wee wee".

She is sooo stinkin' cute and so easy going- happy to speak gibberish with strangers and flash a smile.  We also love that she loves her older brother sooo much and is very forgiving when he's a bit too rough with her.  We just love her to death.

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WalkConkies said...

I love peach's little "thank you"! You are such a great Mom and I'm amazed at the baby shower you threw!!! Holy WOW! And, Iris is so lucky to be in your home - so fun they won the state championship!