Sunday, November 13, 2011

LRH Baby Shower

One of my best buds from Stanford, LRH, just moved to Provo with her husband (he just started teaching in the Y's Econ department) and she's expecting her first baby- a girl, in December.  One of our other friends from the Stanford singles' ward has moved here as well, and the two of us threw her a baby shower at my house.  It was so fun to plan and I think it came together really well.  Because L and her husband read a TON of books, I thought it would be fun to do some kind of literary-ish theme.  I picked "Nursery Rhymes"

I sooo wanted to think up some really clever rhyming think for the invite, but we were pressed for time.  We ended up changing the date, and only had 2 weeks to plan.  Invites have to get out quick! :)
All our food was Nursery Rhyme related.  These were "Patty Cupcakes"
We served several kinds of herbal tea with real sugar and cream and the teapot said "I'm a little teapot".  I bought some fine china teacups and saucers from the DI.  (Something I've wanted a reason to do for a long time.  Now I really want to through a tea party!)
Humpty Dumpty Deviled Eggs
3 Blind Mice Cheese and Crackers
This one was a stretch, but Old Mother Hubbard goes to the "fruiter" (something I wish I could say regularly) and so this is her fruit platter

I'm a little teapot all steamed up! (hot water for tea)
Jack and Jill-Fetched water (cold water)
and in the background there are
Peter Peter mini-Pumpkin Pies
I love an excuse to buy flowers :)  Sam had some really cute nursery rhymish decorations that just added that last cute finishing touch.
Here's another one, thought it looks more like Beatrix Potter, it's a goose!  And a cute one at that :)
Here's the whole table.  I made those ubiquitous tissue paper poofs and doily poofs and attached them to my light.  Then strung sewed paper stars and hung them behind.
I was amazed by how many nursery rhyme books were at the library and I checked out about 30 of them to make a free, easy decoration on the mantel and behind the food.
The whole room.  I also sewed a paper doily garland and hung a few more tissue paper poofs.
These were game prizes- some of the DI teacups full of Hershey Kisses: "Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry.
One of our games was a "baby makin' contest".  (hehe) LRH got to be the judge of which she would like to be her own most.
My sad contestant.
We decided this one would have been great, except for the creepy face. 

The winner!
Sam- my co-hostess and the momma-to-be!

"Writing down" gifts in my spreadsheet.
writing in the book of nursery rhymes
Since LRH has a love of poetry- especially silly poetry and haikus, one of our games was to rewrite a nursery rhyme as a haiku.  LRH picked her favorite.  Then we wrote them down in the front of a book of nursery rhymes for LRH to take home.
Jack Be Nimble party favor candles
Thanks for letting us plan such a fun party, LRH!  Good luck with the new babe :)

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LRH said...

Thanks Libby! It was such a great shower and so lovely.