Saturday, August 18, 2012

24th of July

I just uploaded a bunch of photos and realized I never wrote about the 24th of July!  We haven't really done anything for it before because we are usually back East visiting Jay's family, but this year, I thought I'd try to take advantage of some of the festivities going on.

There was a free event going on at a park in downtown Provo, so I braved the crowds and took the kids there (even though Jay was on a church history tour in Nauvoo, and thus, I was on my own).

Peach was a bit young, but The Frog really liked it.  We showed up right at the beginning and I'm so glad because The Frog got this bouncy slide all to himself for about 15 minutes!
There were all kinds of kid-friendly activities.  The Frog had to finish a maze to get to go in the "jail" and take his picture.
They just let Peach in.  I love this picture:
They had to look for a "needle" in this "haystack".  (there were a few laminated pictures of a needle inside.)  It was surprisingly difficult.
I reluctantly let The Frog wear his backpack because I thought I'd end up having to carry it (along with my own) the whole time, but it was actually great because he was able to put all his crafts and stickers he collected in there.
They made paper bag "kites", which are still hanging up on our back porch.
There were a LOT of old cars on display and they let you climb in a fire truck and take a pic.
There was a scavenger hunt for older kids, and all kinds of Pioneer-ish activities: paper bonnet/mustache making, indian headdress decorating, butter churning, roping a "bull", a duck shoot, shooting a sling-shot, they even let you try to throw a tomahawk at a bullseye which scared me TO DEATH because The Frog really really wanted to try that one.  Something I didn't expect- all the stations were being manned by LDS missionaries!  We never see missionaries in Provo, so that was kinda fun :)

I'm sure we'll be back next year!

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