Friday, August 17, 2012

Printable Kids Activities

These links are mostly for me to reference back to so I can find particular ws to print for The Frog, but for those of you who are interested...  PS i will probably add to this as I find more.

Tons of mazes!

have simple dot-to-dot (up to 5 and 10) but some you have to be a member to get

very easy dot-to-dots (up to 10) but annoying to print quickly

Lots of free ws for many ages.  Awesome source!  I printed a lot of the Preschool ones.

Lots of free ws for preschool to high school also- most are in color though and a bit inconvenient to get what you want because they want you to opt to buy the workbooks, but you can still get anything you want for free.

Money worksheets (and other kinds too...)

Clock worksheets

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Jennie said...

Thanks for posting these, Libby. Always looking for ideas of activities for the kids!