Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kid Conversations

My kids are hilarious, if I do say so myself.  And it's so much fun to listen to them talk about funny things with each other now :)  Sadly, I haven't been so great at remembering to write the best ones down, but here are a couple:

So, in typical Libby fashion, I often get lower-back/bum pain during pregnancy if I overdo it.  (overdo?  who me?)  I was walking down the hall with Peach, massaging my rear and kind of complaining to myself out loud:

me: ouch, my bum really hurts!
Peach: you need cream, mama?  (talking about diaper rash cream)

For some reason, our kids really really like gum, and it's turned into something I give them in the car if they cooperate while running errands.  Sometimes, however, I leave the gum in the diaper bag when I have my purse or other way around, so I don't always have it handy.  After not having it for several times, I was running errands with Peach:

Peach: Mommy, can I have some gum?
me: Yes, you may.  I'm pretty sure I have it today.
Peach: (clapping)  Good job Momma!  Good job for having gum for me!!

I didn't want to say anything and jinx our progress, but Peach may or may not have been potty training herself lately...  She's been telling me when she needed a diaper change for quite some time and loves taking off her clothes.  For a couple of months she's been occasionally requesting to sit on the toilet, but never produced anything.  Well, much to my surprise, a couple of weeks ago, while I was making dinner, I went to the bathroom and there she was, sitting on the potty (naked) and said with excitement, "Mommy!  I'm going potty!!"  I didn't think anything of it, because she always does this, but lo and behold!  This time she did it!!  This happened a couple more times over the weekend.  Despite the horrible timing (baby due soon) I decided to let her try and put her in underpants all week.  I've gotta say, she's been doing a really great job!  That's not to say I haven't had my fair share of messes to clean up, but seeing as how The Frog just barely (and I still don't completely trust him with #2) finished potty training at 4, this is mind-blowing to me!!  People said it would be easier with girls, but this is just ridiculous! So now you have the long back story.

I should mention the Peach is extremely friendly to strangers and is always talking to people at the store or church or wherever there are people.  She tells them all kinds of things about her life.  Well, last night, we had to make an emergency Costco-milk run before the sabbath today and I could see she was talking to the girl there helping load carts:

girl: (bending down to get closer to hear) What did you say?
Peach: (says something I couldn't hear)
girl: (to me) Does your daughter like to tell people when she "goes" in her pants?
me: yeah...
girl: Oh.  Well, she just went.

And she did.


Jennie said...

I've become a firm believer that there's no difference in boys/girls potty training ability... it's the 2nd child (regardless of gender) that clues in MUCH faster. Many struggles with Hannah and zero issues with Caleb (right after his 2 year b-day he was completely trained!). Good luck - potty training is a LONG road. :)

cheryl said...

These are fabulous! What delightful clever kids you have! Hope you are feeling ok. I'd love to have the kids over for a playdate this week.

Keegan said...

Yeah, I'm wondering if it's a second kid thing. I thought our second would be more difficult because he's less go-with-the-flow in his personality. Our first was pretty well potty-trained by three, but it took about six months to feel like he was really, fully potty trained from the time I started even though he was totally willing and not rebellious about it. Our second is more opinionated, so I thought it would be much harder, but he's already shown tons of interest and he's not even two. I'm putting it off for now, but it makes me think he will be easier when we decide to tackle it.

Rachel Marie Gold said...

I suspect it's a personality thing - I was a first and very interested and motivated in doing things "by myself!" - including restroom visits. My brother was a second and far more willing to have those things taken care of for him. When he started preschool my mom told him he needed to learn to use the potty and he said "No I don't - Rachel will be there to help me!"