Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year, The Frog requested his costume months ago.  I was a bit worried because I knew I was going to have to go low-key this year, with Hazel's birthday being expected so close to Halloween... Luckily, he wanted to be a dog.
The Frog thinks it's soooo funny to try and frown for pictures.  It's pretty hard to frown and laugh at the same time...
 Once Peach heard this, she knew she wanted to be a cat.  (This girl LOVES cats.  LOVES them.)
 So I made an executive decision and made Hazel follow suit and be a bird.  (Well, a half-hatched bird.  I said low-key, remember?)  I had visions of my cute new infant peaking her head out of an adorable feathery blue hat, getting sighs and "awwwwww"s from everyone she passes.  Unfortunately, as construction began, I soon realized my plan was either going to look like cookie-monster with a beak, or blue Homer Simpson.  Jay and I decided Homer was funnier and so this is what she got:
 Poor poor girl...
The Frog wore his costume with face paint to preschool yesterday and Peach wanted some too.  I should have taken pictures of them then (but I could get all three of them because I didn't finish Hazel's hat until last night), because today they were uninterested in the makeup and actually, as you can see below, The Frog is planning to wear his skeleton pajamas instead and be a skeleton.

This group shot took WAY to long to get.  I think Hazel was the most willing one in the group.

As for Jay and I... we didn't end up going to my brother's awesome party this year, since it was the same night I got home from the hospital.  Which is okay.  Jay's costume was only half done, and I was going to rewear my Princess Peach one (if it would fit... which I see now that it totally would not have...) so he's going to the ward "Trunk or Treat" at our church tonight as a tiger.  (Remember Tigg'r from two years ago?) And if I decide I'm not scared of Hazel getting sick, I might throw on my rabbit, so we'll all be animals :) (Bonus: that rabbit costume is mucho forgiving for someone who looks pregnant, but isn't.)

I was excited for carving pumpkins this year because I thought that The Frog would finally be old enough to draw his own and we'd have one really really awesome pumpkin from him.  But no.  Pumpkin carving this year turned into, "mom does everything while we tell her what to do."  I'm glad I decided to start early in the day because it literally took. all. day.
Can you guess who's is for whom?
I feel like I've got so much to say about how everything else going on at the McCarthy's, but for now I only have time for: Happy Halloween!


cheryl said...

Adorable costumes and family! Glad your cute little hatched chicken is here to celebrate her first Halloween.

cheryl said...

Adorable costumes and family! I'm glad your cute little hatched chicken arrived just in time to celebrate her first Halloween.

McCall said...

The PacMan pumpkin is awesome!