Thursday, June 6, 2013

He Was SO Mad...

Here's the result of last Sunday's photo.
 Why is it I always feel like everyone looks good except for me?

After church, I can't even remember why now... The Frog was upset and angrily proclaimed (I'm sure he got this idea from Mercer Mayer's I Was SO Mad)
"I'm going to run away!!"

I think I shocked him with my response- I put on a dejected face and said, "Okay.  You better go pack your things!  You're going to need extra underwear and something to eat... Where's your backpack?"

He immediately calmed down, ran around the house filling his backpack with things he would need for the road (mostly cars, though I think he did pack some underwear too).  I suggested he take things that don't need to be kept cold to keep from spoiling and when I suggested fruit snacks and crackers, he took the fruit snacks and said, "I don't have enough room for the crackers".

Peach also decided she should go with him, so she packed up a bag as well.

Before The Frog left, I told him I'd miss him and asked if I might take a picture of him to remember him by.  Surprisingly, he obliged.
We waved him off and told him to be sure and look both ways before crossing the street and that we would miss him, and then Peach ceremoniously left as well and yelled back that she'd be sure to look both ways also.

He sat outside in the front yard for about 30 seconds, and then knocked on the door needing help opening his fruit snacks.  He decided not to run away after all :)

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Keegan said...

This is *so* funny! Way to stall him up with the hard-to-open fruit snacks. Love it! :)