Friday, June 28, 2013

Sun Oven Chronicles- Chicken Maryland with Rice

This recipe for Chicken Maryland.  Here's the summary:

Cooked 1 hr- rice on bottom, chicken uncovered on top.
The chicken came out:
Not crispy
Not browned
But very juicey!

Bacon not done

Rice mostly worked, a few crunchy bites- not sure if from the outside or what?  Next time I'll taste w/out stirring up first to see if it's clear which part didn't cook well.

 I brought it in and stuck it under the broiler for 5 minutes and it looked more like it should.  I guess the pans are broiler safe! :)

If we had to eat like this with no power, I wouldn't complain :)


Rachel Marie Gold said...

Libby, you amaze me =D

Albert and Susie said...

Thanks SO much for sharing. I just got a Sun Oven and long story short waiting for it to return as it came damaged.
I hope to learn a lot from you.
Susie in northern NY
PS. How do we subscribe to comments left

Albert and Susie said...

After I submitted my comment then I saw where you check to receive follow up comments. :)