Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Frog!!

I can't believe it, but The Frog is turning 5 today!!  We celebrated with friends on Saturday with his first friend birthday party!

I was quite worried about how to entertain all those kids for so long, but really, they mostly just entertained themselves.  I had wanted to get a new slip 'n slide and little squirt guns for everyone, and thought I would be able to find them on clearance, but I couldn't find them anywhere!  I guess the beginning of September is too late in the season.  So we had to use our old slip 'n slide with duct tape and a brick on one side to stop the water from flowing out a giant hole and preventing the side spray...
 they didn't seem to mind!

I'd say the biggest hit was the giant water balloons- we just filled regular water balloons part way and they were really hard to pop.  The kids had a lot of fun throwing, stomping and splashing with them!  

We set up an obstacle course for them, but they all did it once and were done.  Probably it would have been better if it were some kind of competition, but I quickly found that we didn't have enough people to make games like "duck, duck, splash" very fun.  I also thought it would be fun to put balloons on the trampoline but they got popped (on purpose) within 1 minute of people jumping around.  maybe at a girl party they'd last longer?
 we had pizza for lunch - everybody's favorite and so easy...
say "cheese pizza!"
 When I asked The Frog about what kind of cake he wanted he said, "blue cake, red frosting, and a white spider web".  It was hard for me to give in to a request like that because I'm kind of an anti-food coloring snob...  one bottle of red food coloring later:
 he seemed to like it :)
 I think it looks super creepy...
 Of course, The Frog loved opening his presents and I loved that he wanted to try everything out right away.  He was very excited about it all this year :)

When we got balloons at Zurchers, I let The Frog pick out one thing to give to his friends as a thank you- he picked out a big package of frogs, lizards and snakes.  We gave everyone one of each of those, a tootsie pop, and some other fun things I already had (I'm a cheapskate I know...) a balloon, a fun straw, and some left over nerd glasses from my party.  I hate letting my kids have candy, so I thought other moms might appreciate less of that as well...
This morning we're having waffles for breakfast (he's known he wanted that since Peach's birthday) and tonight, The Frog has requested to have dinner at "Old McDonald's" because he loves the play place.  The things we do for our kids...

Happy birthday little man!  You're not so little anymore *sob*

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