Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Liberty Park!

After two other failed attempts at getting together with Natalie & fam while she was in town, we finally got together on Saturday, the day before they left.  I tried to meet up with them at the Tracy Aviary, but by the time Hazel woke from her morning nap, they were already done.  We decided to go on the rides just outside, and then head over to the miniature creeks splashing area.

Cousins L & C were brave enough to try the high swings!

The water place was awesome!  The kids had so much fun!  Probably more fun than the $2 rides... Unfortunately, I got ZERO pictures :(  And I also learned it's a good idea to keep extra clothes in the car whenever going far from home.  I will definitely plan on stopping by there the next time we go to the Aviary.  I ran to Smith's and we ate a little picnic in the shade.  So fun!  We miss playing with our Mass cousins!

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