Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer is Ending!

Well, today was Labor Day.  To me, this means Summer is over.  For most people going to school, if it hasn't started already, it probably will tomorrow.  School supply sales have come and gone, and it's time to put away my white shoes.  (is that old fashioned?)

Hazel is lately becoming much more mobile and thus, more motivated to get out in the world, and less content by being a spectator in my arms.  I'm realizing that this oddly makes it more difficult to get pictures of the latest.  One might think with arms free, it would be easier, but it turns out, my eyes are in much greater demand than can be satisfied through a lens.  

Now I know why moms are required to have eyes in the back of their heads- I can't wait for my second set to sprout!  any time now...

with that preface, the older kids were invited over to have some awesome water fun at a neighbor's with a large tarp and a fantastic hill!  This is the only shot I got...
They had fun though, trust me!

And then, the other day, The Frog noticed how we so completely matched (and he was actually right this time!) that I thought we should get a pic.

Today, we took the kids up to Bridal Veil Falls and it was just gorgeous weather for it! Note to self: always bring extra clothes in the car.  You will need it as long as you don't have it!

It's birthday season around here, which is the excuse I'm giving for the scarce posts, but I hope to get more up soon.  Pictures are up, but I've been waiting for uninterrupted time at the computer (which seems to be even more seldom than my posts as of late.  I'm sensing that it may only get worse...) but I am realizing I must start taking matters into my own hands.

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