Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Dunstable Way

A big reason for the blogging hiatus was me preparing for, going on, and recovering from a trip back East to visit Jay's family and for him to officially "walk" at Brown's graduation. That's right, I'm officially married to a Doctor (but not the kind that helps people), and we finally have the piece of paper to prove it. Here's a little summary of the goings on out there.

The McCarthy's have all the cool stuff- slide, swings, telescope...

good climbing trees...

I love this shot because it kinda looks like The Frog is waving (though in reality, he doesn't quite have this down yet. Come to think of it, he doesn't really do much, on command- he is very much his own person.)

The Frog was quite enamored with Mickey. He hasn't really had close contact with any dogs, and I have a feeling we will be met with much begging for one, once The Frog can talk.

The Frog got his first taste of pizza ever, which of course had to be from Jay's favorite place- Espresso's Pizza in Nashua, NH. Hopefully we didn't ruin The Frog's ability to choke down all other kinds now ;)

Jay and I took our official first date without The Frog while we were there. He stayed home to play with Nanny while we went mini-golfing. I don't think he really missed us, but we sure missed him!

No trip to the McCarthy's can be complete without a tour of Kennedy's extensive dress-ups :)

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Keegan, Patrick, and Caleb said...

So Jay isn't the kind of doctor "that helps people"? That's a pretty cool description of a PhD. I bet professors everywhere will love it. :)