Tuesday, November 10, 2009

14 Months!

Wow, The Frog is getting so big and coordinated! It's been very fun to hear his jabbering get more complicated and even just today he started saying "wowowowowowow". Very cute.

Sadly, he officially figured out how to remove lids from pens, markers and chapstick (he's enjoying the taste of some above...) so I've had to move all those out of reach. I'm running out of storage spaces he can't get into now! Sometimes, "get into" is more literal than I thought possible, as you can see below.
Yes, he is holding fondue lighter fluid. Yes, I promptly put it in a high place... but not until after the picture ;)
The Frog doesn't only say gibberish. Kinda. The untrained ear may not recognize it, but he actually says quite a list of things. Luckily, he always points when he says them, so I've been able to figure them out, but they are all mostly only first letter sounds. For instance, he uses "buh" to mean: "ball", "bug", "book" and "basket", depending on what he is pointing to at the time. This is a "bug" instance below. He also says "luh" for "light" and "lid"- two very important things in his life. Occasionally we get a "duh" which obviously means "duck" or "dog". :) I just love the look of satisfaction he gets on his face when he points to a picture of a ball in a book and very decidedly says "bah!"

He is also showing that he recognizes a lot of things I say, though I didn't notice until today. About a week ago, I was holding him and he was excitedly hitting and grabbing my face. I decided this had to stop, now that it actually hurts, and I grabbed his wrist and helped him stroke my cheek nicely and said "be gentle, please!" I thought he had totally forgotten the incident but today he was throwing some large toy down and I said, "Oh! Be gentle, please!" And he came over to me and stroked my cheek. I couldn't believe it!
Also, he loves it when I ask him "where's my nose?" because he'll stop whatever he's doing to come over and show me. He of course, always gives himself a round of applause for his great knowledge. :)
One of his favorite outdoor activities continues to be throwing dirt from my planter onto the ground. Although, today he one-upped it and carefully carried it a few feet away to...
the bench on our picnic table. So he could smear it around, of course!
I thought it was funny that two different angled shots I took, look like the same instance in time, though really they are not.

Great job, little man! I can't believe how much you have learned!

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