Sunday, November 15, 2009


Nothing very interesting happened this week.

I did get these two kinda cute shots of The Frog while experimenting with bad lighting. I've decided that to take good pictures, lighting is everything- I just wish I understood it better.

Anyway, we DID get snow yesterday and today! It was the first time The Frog got to try out his new snow pants (I've been dying to get him to try them on). The first day, he kept falling over and not being able to get back up, but today he was a natural, and the snow was even coming down really hard! I wonder what he thinks of all this!
Day 1: Mom, why are you making me wear all this stuff?! I can't find my thumb to suck on it!
This snow stuff tastes weird.
Day 2: I wish I had my gloves this time!
I love that you can see the individual bits of snow in his hair.

This picture turned out a lot cooler than I was expecting.


Patrick, Keegan, and munchkin said...

Snow! Just think this time of year last year we had stroller babies and now yours is out there walking in it and they have so much awareness of what's going on. I hope our munchkin's first snow experience this year is a fun one. It won't be the same here as in Utah, but we'll see.

Kirsta and Morian said...

Hey, I think Devin has the same coat as The Frog. It's huge on him even though it's a 12 month! I need to get him some gloves b/c he loves to go outside, no matter the weather. Where did you get yours?

Elder and Sister D said...

Enter it in a contest! I luv it.

Elder and Sister D said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you for these wonderful shots of the boys and frog. They're going on my "luv um wall".. luvu mm