Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Let me back-up to Friday.

So there we are. Minding our own business, when ALL OF A SUDDEN our fridge breaks out into song. Or perhaps it was preparing for take-off. It might even have been performing road construction. Whatever it was doing, it was doing it loudly. Increasingly loudly. After a hoarse meal, we took The Frog up for a bath. By the time we came back down for his bed-time milk, the mysterious noise had quieted significantly and by the time Jay and I retired for the evening, the noise was gone.

A day goes by...

Sunday. So there I was. Minding my own business, making some orange juice from "frozen concentrate" when ALL OF A SUDDEN I realized that my concentrate was not frozen.
And the freezer was more refrigerator temperatured.
And the fridge was room temperature.


Luckily, it is that time of year where it's about as cold outside as it is inside the fridge, and we moved everything out to our unheated garage.
Luckily, my generous grandmother gave me her chest freezer when she moved into smaller accommodations and we filled that thing to the brim with our freezer contents.
Luckily, I hated our old fridge, and though this is a bad time of year for extra, unexpected expenses, I was secretly glad for the new fridge potential.

Turns out, our fridge is dead. Turns out, we got a new one. :)

Sadly, even though we went out in search of a fridge as soon as stores opened on Monday, and even though RCWilley said they'd bring it by that night, we got a call at 8pm saying they wouldn't be bringing it until the next morning. :( They ended up coming at noon! It was noon too soon! (I kill me)

In the meantime, haven't you always wanted to try getting into your fridge? I always thought that would be an awesome hiding place, if it were possible. I probably didn't realize the light turns off when the fridge closes. There's also that whole "cold thing" that might be a problem, since you'd be there awhile because nobody would think to look for you there. But other than that, it would be awesome, right?!

This would be The Frog, living my dream. In case you couldn't tell, he's just chillin'. heh heh. (well, he would be if our fridge were cold.)
Out with the old...

and in with the new!


Jenny Bay said...

Ooh, nice and shiny! I like it :)

Jennie said...

Yeah, and along with the frig being cold and dark when the door is closed, don't forget you'd be short on oxygen too. :) Nice new refrigerator!

Mel said...

Ooooohhh! It's so pretty!