Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Re-Cap

Despite my dismal/sarcastic "personal log" Christmas was awesome this year! Our downstairs was really cold, but luckily we have two furnaces, and the one heating upstairs was still working great. We moved all the loot into our bedroom and opened them up there. As you can see, we got quite the haul this year!

Here are some highlights!

At first, The Frog needed some coaxing to rip off the wrapping paper, but he soon got the hang of it! I loved that he wanted to play with each present before he moved on to the next one. As far as he was concerned, he would have been delighted with just one thing! What a sweetheart.

This is spoiled little me, hugging my new camera! I thought I had successfully convinced my husband to wait until we had saved up more for it, but he has been known to pamper me, and this is no exception. He also got me a tripod for it! I can't wait!! Also not to be overlooked are the kitchen gadgets from Jay's mom, and I'm especially looking forward to perusing my new Bread Bible!

Jay loves his enormous cat slippers (which were preceded by his ridiculously large monkey slippers) but I could see they were wearing out and so got him some new gigantic piggie slippers! All of his pajama bottoms were worse off than his slippers, so I made him these piggie pajama pants too. I'm also making him some monkey ones, so I can call him "monkey pants" :)

I think this might be his highlight, though. We've already started playing it together and it's very fun. Why didn't they make a multiplayer mario game a long time ago?

The Frog got embarrassingly spoiled, especially by his Nanny. He has a whole new set of wooden percussion instruments (and a harmonica that he likes to hold up to my mouth and slide back and forth), several new outfits, a tricycle, books, and a few other toys. I love the nesting blocks my sister-in-law pointed out to me at Target. Picture to come.

Finally, I just had to post a pic with my new camera. I can't WAIT to become a pro :)

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Jenny Bay said...

Ooh fun, what kind of camera is it?? How exciting! My husband also got the Super Mario game for the Wii - so fun!!