Saturday, December 26, 2009

Personal Log, Day 4

Our furnace is still not working and temperatures continue to drop in the main parts of our lodgings. The kitchen reads at 53 degrees Fahrenheit. We have retreated to the sleeping quarters and only venture out when food is required.

The high today is to be 19 degrees outside.

Though Christmas was a bit unusual, we all made out like bandits, especially me. Luckily, the captain had a genius idea and decided that we should order Indian food, to save me from slaving away over a hot stove (though it doesn't sound so bad now...) which has saved us from spending much more time in the more frozen parts of our lodgings than needed to microwave our rations. We have much to be grateful for and this will be all over Monday morning when the needed part arrives to fix the furnace.

Until then, puffy vests, slippers and blankets will continue to be a staple in our wardrobes.

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