Monday, March 22, 2010

Cookies and Consonants

I don't have much by way of pictures lately- I'm going to try and be better about that, now that I'm starting to feel less nauseated. But I did manage to get a couple the other day. I made some chocolate chip cookies that claimed to be "the best ever" (which I disagree with) and you should have seen the conniption we had to deal with to get The Frog to consent to waiting until after dinner to eat one... He finally did eat his food, though and relished every bit of his one little cookie. It never ceases to amaze me at how something so unseemingly messy (the cookie wasn't even all gooey and warm anymore) can be made to be messy with the right person eating it. (For example, I never knew how bad baby carrots could stain until I let The Frog eat them.)

I even particularly picked a cookie that had the fewest chocolate chips! (mean, I know)

Even so, I'm sure I'll probably miss this one day :)

The past couple of weeks, The Frog has started ending words with consonants, namely "p", "n", "m", and "t". So now he can actually say "sun" and a very deliberate "pop". Even the ever-talked about "cat" occasionally gets completed. (though he usually says "tat"). I just love how thoughtful and forced the last syllable sounds. It's adorable. He also says "turtur" (turtle) with two very clear "t"s, and it makes me realize how lazy I am with so many of my consonants. (I would say "turdle"). I wonder if teaching another to speak will help me have better annunciation.

doubt it.

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