Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CPK was A-OK!

After several unpleasant restaurant experiences with The Frog, we've generally tried to avoid taking him to them lately. However, I was given a thank you gift of a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen, and we decided to all go together and see what would happen. Turns out, now that he likes to use crayons correctly (as opposed to eating them) it was totally fun and relaxing. I didn't bring my real camera, but we got a couple of phone shots. I love that you can specifically tell he really wanted to color his most favorite object- a ball. :)

Here's The Frog enjoying one of the lemons from our water. Notice he actually bit a chunk (with the rind) off and ate the whole thing, totally unphased. What a tough kid.
We decided that booth seats are the best with small kids, and were glad they even provided plastic cups with lids for the kiddo. I think we'll definitely go back when we want a family-friendly meal :)

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