Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elmo Mania

The Frog has recently become obsessed with Elmo. I admit, it's my fault for letting him watch sesame street clips while I take a shower- something I promised myself I wouldn't do until he was 2. I often find myself walking around all day with this or this in my head, as a result. The Frog often asks to take naps with Elmo or wakes up from his nap asking for him. Right now we're learning that pretend things eat pretend food, so that he doesn't keep trying to mash crackers and cheese into his stuffed animals mouths.

Now whenever we play with his plastic food, he immediately thinks to feed Elmo. (and often wants to get it out once he's done eating.)

The other day, I opened the closet to get out the broom and I found this:
Thanks to our CA cousins for so generously giving The Frog one of their Elmo dolls :)

In case you were wondering, here is my all-time favorite Sesame Street clip (no Elmo, much to The Frog's chagrin). I just love this song!


Lindsay said...

I have recently learned that Andy does an excellent Elmo voice. We will have to perform it for the Frog next time.

LRH said...

Why did you want to avoid sesame street for two years?