Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Cousin S!

The Frog's little cousin S turned 1 year old and we decided to hang out with him to celebrate. We went to the Discovery Gateway and though I'm still nostalgic for the Salt Lake Children's Museum, this was still pretty cool. The first place you come to is a series of balls (like the kind in ball pits) and tubes and I'm pretty sure The Frog would have been happy spending the whole time here! This picture is funny because he looks like "what IS this place?!"

Here's a shot of the Birthday Boy!

The Frog quickly got the hang of what you were supposed to do and got really into putting balls in all the holes. I wish we could have some kind of installment in our home for him because I know it would keep him busy for hours...

We finally pulled the away and got to check out the other parts. Though most things were a bit too old for our kids to grasp, there were still a few things that they found neat. Poor boys, we crammed them into this truck for as long as it took to get one decent shot. :)
Obviously I thought this was a better Kodak moment than The Frog did.

They had a real helicopter you could sit in- a couple of boys were hogging the cockpit, but we got to checkout the back.
It will be really fun to go back as they get older.

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