Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"New" Slide!

I've been scouring ksl classifieds for weeks, trying to find a decent slide for a decent price for The Frog. We don't have much entertainment in our yard except for throwing dirt and picking plants, so I thought I better arrange some entertainment to save my sanity.
Finally we found a little slide and The Frog just loves it!

It's been too cold to play outside (too cold for me anyway...) and so I hosed it off and brought it inside for the time being. I don't have any photos here, but he loves sending elmo and his other stuffed animals down. It's adorable.

In order for The Frog to let me take pictures of him, he wanted to have a turn with my camera. I compromised and gave him my old one. Here he is trying to figure out how it works!

1 comment:

kira said...

I bought that same slide for Owen only off craigslist. Not to mention yours is in much better condition.