Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Summer Swim!

We are going to visit Jay's family for a couple weeks this summer, and most of our time spent out there will probably be at the family lakehouse in MA. We've been gearing up for it for months with The Frog by teaching him to blow bubbles and kick his legs when he takes a bath. This week, my buddy, Melissa, was kind enough to invite us up to swim in her pool, and we took her up on the offer! Despite my distaste at wearing a swimsuit 7 mo pregnant, I thought this was an offer I couldn't refuse. You can't tell, but The Frog is actually kicking in this picture, and you can see how pleased he is about it! He wouldn't blow bubbles just yet (though he didn't mind drinking the water) but I'm hopeful that he'll have a blast swimming around with the fish and his dad at the lake.

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Mel said...

That's my pool!!! I'm so glad he had fun that day. You'll have to come up and do it again.