Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day!

I had so much fun on Memorial Day. We tend to be kind of a humbug family, in that holidays to us (Jay and I) mean resting up and we rarely try to plan any excursions. (Plus, we justify, The Frog is too young to remember anyway, right?) Well, the weather was too good to pass up, and so Jay suggested going to a nearby park after lunch. On our way to the park, we passed the elementary school, and decided the playground looked reputable enough to stop here. I was finally able to take some good pictures of The Frog enjoying himself (without having to worry about his safety) and I think Jay had fun being a kid again too. Here are some of my favorites!

Here's to a memorable Memorial Day!


AngelaMuir said...

i love the sox cap. so cute :)

Mel said...

These are great pictures! Good job, Lib!