Thursday, June 10, 2010

Water Fun!

I discovered the most blessed outdoor toy ever- the water-filled squirt bottle! The Frog spends minutes on end, even tens of minutes, walking around the yard, sucking out the water and spraying things, including himself. In the face.
Good thing he has a sense of humor!
Why didn't I think of giving him one of these sooner? Perhaps I will be able to get yard-work done, after all! The only downside is that the dirt he used to play in now readily becomes mud. Good thing I bought all his summer clothes 60% off! :)

I also decided to try having him run through the sprinklers, but he completely didn't see what was so fun about it. So then, my genius mind tried to engineer a makeshift water slide, and he spent the whole time fiddling with the hose.

le sigh.

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