Monday, April 18, 2011

Finger Foods!

I forgot to mention that on Thursday, Peach had her first finger foods session!  She's very slow and drops most of it, but I could tell she really really wanted to try, by the way she reached longingly at the lunch The Frog and I were enjoying.
 I'm really amazed by her perseverance and attention span.  The Frog would have been WAY too frustrated to have tried this so young.  She can't eat much- I don't think she still understands chewing, but a friend showed me Baby Mum-Mums and they are great!  They're some kind of rice cracker-ish thing that dissolves in the mouth.  I just break them into little pieces otherwise Peach tries to eat too much at a time.
The Frog had fun running around/under the high chair and driving his cars all over it while Peach worked on her new skill.

Now that Peach's 4 top teeth have poked through, she's started this hair-raising habit of grinding her front teeth together!  AHHHHH it makes me cringe just writing about it.  Does anyone have experience with this?  How to I get her to STOP?!

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Kelibby's Mom said...

Hooray for MUM-MUMs!