Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kid Conversation

This one is a little graphic, but too funny not to share.  It really makes me wonder how The Frog's brain works...

Setting:  The Frog and I were eating lunch together today.
Me:  My little feet are so cold.
The Frog: You have big feet, mama.
Me:  Okay, you're probably right, but look how cold they are.  You can tell they're cold because my toenails look a little bit purple and when you push on my toes they turn white.  (me prodding my toes) See?  See it turn white?  That's how you can tell my toes are cold.
The Frog: (stands up on his chair and then squats down)  When I do this, that means I'm poopin'.  That's how you can tell.

Perhaps potty training is near?


Jared & Kat said...

This made me laugh :) Hope all is going well!

PC said...

That is awesome. It really does raise the question about what he is thinking. Of course, I'm impressed that his example was on topic - things to help us tell other things!

McCall said...

LOVE it!