Monday, June 4, 2012

Backyard S'mores

The previous owners of our house left a small fire pit and during the last 4 years of living here, we've STILL never used it.  Until tonight, that is :)  Iris is leaving soon and we thought we had better make s'mores before she goes.  However, while looking for the ingredients at the grocery store, the Reese's bar caught my eye and I thought it might be fun to try some other kinds of chocolate as well:
 Luckily, the fire pit had a few logs in it, otherwise we would not have been able to do it.  Unluckily, we had no kindling and none of us present were boy scouts.  Luckily, I thought of a tip my mom randomly told me awhile ago where she mentioned that she was saving some of her drier lint to put in their 72-hour kits to use to start up fire.  So, I went to my drier lint catcher and dug a bit in the garbage in the laundry room, and had a small wad of drier lint.  I made a little teepee of logs and lit the lint on fire underneath.  Voila!  I'm saving my drier lint for 72-hour kits* from now on :)
 The Reese's bars were the all-around favorite, I think. :)

*did you hear, now they're saying to make 96-hour kits? and I JUST got caught up on the 72-hour ones...**
**CP, I thought of you when I made this footnote.

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