Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooling Off

It has felt SO HOT lately (or maybe I'm just pregnant?)  Shopko was having a sale on their outdoor watery stuff and I was planning to get a slip'n slide for the kids, but The Frog was adamant that we get this elephant trunk thing with little holes in it.  Of course in the picture on the box, the water is squirting above the heads of 12 year old kids, but when we got home, it barely reached Peach's waist...
 They still like it though :)
 We also borrowed our friends kiddie pool because hers is bigger than our cheapo blow-up one (she also had to drop it off, because it had no hope of fitting in our Civic...) and I was hosting my neighborhood "mother's group" this week.  Leave it to The Frog to turn it into something wild and exciting!

 Peach mostly likes to wade in it (I don't blame her, hose water is FREEZING!) and sit at the top of the slide, but The Frog pushed her down here...
 She wasn't pleased.
I'm thinking about getting The Frog involved in some track and field.  Do you think he'd get into hurdles if they let you jump into a pool at the end of the finish-line?

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Lindsay said...

There is a track and field event just like that! The steeplechase.