Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Jay!

Jay now gets to be a cube! (which won't happen again until he's 64...)  And I now get to feel like I'm only 1 year older than he is for a few months...

I feel like his birthday was a huge let down- for me... I spent a lot of time thinking about it and had all these plans and most of them just fell through.  I also forgot to take pictures of most of what did go on, but here are some I had the wherewithal enough to remember to get:
 The Frog, of course, wanted to put on the candles.  I tried to get him to group them into 2 and 7, but he wanted them evenly spaced and wouldn't stop after just 9.  So Jay got 2+7+1 to grow on.
 They must have all really wanted daddy to get his wish!

I thought I'd include one present pic- this is Jay after opening an envelope that contains an envelope that reads:
Herein lies the sex of baby McCarthy #3.  I bestow upon you the privilege and responsibility of doing with this information as you see fit.  Signed,

Rest assured, if I find out the gender, you will too. :)

I love you honey!  I feel so robbed that I didn't get to know you during the first 21 years of your life.  The last 6 have been amazing!