Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mass Trip- Cape Cod Day 2

On the 4th of July, all the kids were just everywhere doing everything.  I didn't think to pull out the camera very often.  Here are a few random in action shots:
Cousin L keeping Grandma company
Grandma, ever doing something in the kitchen
Jay, showing off how relaxed he must be- he seriously NEVER naps.
My sister's family and The Frog, taking a sailboat ride.
When in boats, The Frog spends most of his time sticking his hand in the water

Peach, trying on The Frog's life-vest.  (which he calls "the big boy vest")
Grilled eggplant makes me want to give eggplant another try.  I usually am not a fan, but this was super tasty!
Peach loves her some good "walamela"
Jay is happiest with a good burger in front of him :)
Cousin C, chowing on corn

Auntie N, the grill master
The water's fun, the sand is fun, even the rocks are fun!
Goin' for a dock walk
The Frog wants in
Auntie N's special sugar-free (i think they use honey though?) chocolate rice puff ball thingies.  These were super good.

hosing off the kids after the meal
Most of us went for a swim off the dock after dinner.

Peach with Grandma
Jay is somewhat of a "lake snob" in that he hates the salty dry feeling you get after swimming in the ocean.  Luckily, they have this awesome outdoor shower to help prevent that.  Cool eh?

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