Friday, July 20, 2012

News Just In...

A minor vacation posting break because Friday, the day we left the cape to rejoin the McCarthy side of the family, was the day we found out the sex of baby #3.

Let me explain.

I was feeling a little like this baby has been neglected compared to my other 2 pregnancies, just because there was more excitement, more anticipation, more rumination, more daydreaming, but now with too munchkins running around, I just don't have the time to really ponder the joys of pregnancies.  Let's face it, the belly is kind of a nuisance when you have 2 kids wanting to sit on your lap, toys that constantly need to be picked up off the floor, kids who need help putting on shoes, etc. etc.  Not to mention the whole "I'm-tired-allll-the-time" thing...  In a lot of ways, I'm more excited to just get this baby here and get my body back so I can function like a proper mother.  And it's caused me to skip over the enjoyment of pregnancy that I had the past two times.

So, I felt like I needed to spice things up a bit.

I thought about not finding out the gender in advance, but Jay wasn't too thrilled with that idea.  (we have a boy and a girl already, right?  we're prepared...) So, I went to the ultra-sound appointment and had the technician put the "telling" picture into an envelope, sealed it, and bestowed the privilege of decision to Jay, as aforementioned in his birthday post.

He decided to give it to his mom when we arrived on Monday, and much to my surprise, she opened it, showed her husband, and then left the room without saying a word.

Interestingly enough, having the info in an envelop in my possession for a couple of weeks didn't bother me a bit.  But after I knew that someone else knew...  I needed to know.

However, off we went to Cape Cod and then on Friday when we returned, we drove into their driveway with balloons flying everywhere and a big banner made by Jay's little sister:
It's a girl!
So, now we know :)

And now, the first thing on my mind is, what are we going to call her on the blog?  Any suggestions?  I have a few ideas...

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Amy said...

I don't remember why Peach is Peach, but around here among Nintendo fans, if there is a Peach, there has to be a Daisy, too. It's a thought. :)