Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mass Trip- Cape Cod Day 1

We are back from our annual (we hope it remains annual, as long as we can still afford to fly our growing family...) trip to Massachusetts to visit Jay's family (and a bit of mine).  Though we usually only spend a morning with my sister, N, and her fam when we're out there, this year, she organized a bit of a family reunion, thanks to the generosity of her husband's family who owns a house on the cape.  It actually worked out better that only half our family could make it, because each family was able to sleep in their own room- which is kind of a necessity since we all still have little kids.  

I took so many pictures, yet there are still things I wish I had gotten.  I'll try to keep things brief.

Here's a pic of our bright rental car.  I never realized how self-conscious I would be driving around in a car this color.  Good to know, because with the new addition, we have to go minivan-shopping soon. :)

Jay driving the flashy rental to the cape

Peach and The Frog entertained themselves with stickers for a lot of the way

The Frog's sippy cup by the time we arrived

I miss all the trees along the freeway!  We're not in Utah anymore toto. 

The first Lobster shack we passed once at the cape.
 When we arrived, my brother-in-law, J, was just getting the motor boat ready to dock.  The kids all wanted to "ride" in it.
The Frog, Peach, with cousins C, A, and L in the boat
 I only lost site of Peach for a moment while taking this picture of the gorgeous hydrangeas that grown everywhere, and next time I saw her she looked like this:
 I thought someone tried to put makeup on her, but really she found a pink stamp and though her cheek and lips needed some.

 Many many weird games were played this weekend with the kids.  Here is J with son, L having some batting practice with a tennis ball and badminton racquet.  It didn't take long for everyone to want their swim gear on once the motor boat was in the water.
Cousin L and Peach patiently waiting for the boat ride

Cousin L and The Frog, playing in the sand while they wait.

Uncle J and Peach getting things ready to go in the boat.
 We crowded in the motor boat to a little island just across the way where the beach is sandier and the seashells are littering the premises.
The Frog showing me a "toenail" seashell
 The Frog and cousin L were basically inseparable.  They had SUCH a good time.  I'm so grateful to L for being patient with his 2 year-younger cousin.
The Frog and cousin L running and splashing where the waves end.
 Peach picked up shells like crazy- she normally does this kind of thing with rocks at home, so she knew just what to do...
Peach with her stash
 Cousin L was also game shell hoarding.
 We all came out in 2 trips to the island.  Here's round 2 arriving.
Uncle J, cousin C, grandma and Auntie N

Like mother, like daughter
 We had snacks on the beach.  I was really impressed by how well The Frog used his spoon.  He's been doing an awesome job with his silverware lately.

my kids are the cutest
 Peach tried and...  good thing she was already dressed to get wet :)

cousin C and The Frog

Grandma and Auntie N
  Peach discovered "witches fingers", and then we turned around and saw that cousin L and Uncle J did too:
Cape Cod sea monsters
 The Frog doesn't normally like waves (he hates the wave pool at 7 Peaks) but they were small enough here he was excited to swim.
Auntie N giving The Frog the "motorboat" treatment
 We came back and gave naps and that night, prepped for a Cape Cod "Lobstah dinnah".
checking out the lobstahs in the sink

brave Peach touching the lobstahs

an even braver Frog doing what I wouldn't

who needs a petting zoo with dinner like this?

fresh scallops appetizer

in he goes!
 Meanwhile, Peach was doing her new favorite activity- "weenneen"

love this face
 The rest of the kids were occupied with Yo Gabba Gabba on the laptop.

lobstahs are done!
 Dinner time!
gorgeous salad

corn on the cob

the lobstah- turns out they have their own gymnastics competitions

the remains...
After we managed to get the kids all in bed, the adults got essential oil steam facials.  No, Mormonism is not a cult! :D
Stay tuned...

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Rachel Marie Gold said...

I paged through the pics before reading the text and when I went back to read it I totally lol'd on the last line. When I hit that picture, I was totally wondering - is it a special religious ritual? Very mysterious. So of course I was laughing at myself for my thoughts when I went back and read the description :)

Also, I love the banner Jay's family made! Congrats on your soon-to-arrive baby girl :)