Monday, July 30, 2012

The Family Death-Trap

I realized the other day that even though my kids spend a lot of time on our trampoline (especially once daddy gets home) I have never taken photos because it's usually when I'm making dinner or doing dishes that they have the most fun out there.  I made a special effort to take some before I started dishes.  It's tricky to get good shots with the net around it... You either have to stick your head in the entrance and all your shots are a bit too close, or deal with a slightly unclear pic because the netting is in the way.

Our trampoline is really more like a bouncy padded room to my kids.  They love to do the log roll:
 Have daddy help them jump high, or just get bounced by daddy (when they're sitting down)
 It's prime for somersaulting practice
 I love that you can tell Jay is having just as much fun as they are :)

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