Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mass trip- Lakehouse with the McCarthy's

We got back to the McCarthy's and had a day to do some laundry, and re-pack to head out to the lake house the next day.  While loading the car, Peach discovered this little jewel in the garage.  Wouldn't she be adorable riding around on her own moped?
After arriving at the lake, we lost no time in slipping into swimsuits and searching out wildlife :)
The Frog holding a frog
Jay's older sister, K, brought up fixin's for "camping cones" which are waffle cones loaded with marshmallows, chocolate chips, strawberries, caramels and/or any other goodies you can think of, wrapped in foil and roasted in the fire.  Kind of clever, and a bit more little-kid friendly because they don't get to play in the fire. (Which I appreciate)
cooked camping cones

oogling the finished product and humoring me with my camera

Most of Jay's relatives were there that Saturday.  It was nice of them all to drive out so we could say hi and we treated it like our own 4th of July celebration.  (it's tricky having it mid-week if you want to go somewhere to celebrate...)
Peach playing with Jay's cousin M
Peach got right in there with the salamanders.  She had no qualms picking them up and showing them around.
Of course, there's always the cartwheel contests off the raft.

I can't believe what a great swimmer The Frog is turning out to be. He must have a great tutor (Jay).
my boys as fish
Peach L.O.V.E.S. dogs and cats and so she could often be found chasing Mickey around.  If ever found crying over something, one way that always worked as a pick-her-up was to suggest to go see Mickey.
Jay's mom, of course had to show off her specialty- pie.  This particular one is one of my favorites- strawberry rhubarb.  Doesn't that crust look professional?  Nobody does crust like her.

lookin cute in her suit
When everyone is in the water, Peach wants to get in there with the rest of them.
I was amazed she would just jump off like that.  But then again, she really likes jumping off anything lately.  (it's the cutest when she'll stand on something really flat, like her blankie and jump off that and proudly proclaiming, "see that, mommy? see that?!")
After getting in, I think she was a bit unsure about the initial shock of the water temperature...
I love this pic of The Frog jumping in
I tried to get a picture with everyone on the raft, but people kept jumping in.  (give you 1 guess who the first to jump in was while trying to take a picture...)
Not sure if she was warned, but Jay decided to expose Peach to the wonders of jumping off the raft.
Peach's hair makes them look like they're falling super fast

her little head, pre-submersion
I think she's not a fan:
I realized Jay and I hardly ever get pictures with each other, so I had his little sister, K, take a few.

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