Friday, October 11, 2013

Karen's Visit!!

These past few posts are so out of order.  which bothers me.  because I like chronology.  (and alphabetization.)  
But I'm trying not to let my need to be organized, get in the way of getting things done.  Being organized is supposed to help, right.
Obviously, I only mention this because I am bothered.

Anyway, last weekend, I had the privilege of hosting my besty from college!!  Karen!!!  We were so meant to meet up.  I can't believe how much we have in common (nerdy, mathy, ballet-loving... we even both have curly hair!), and she was a great influence on me in so many ways (I doubt I would have thought to study abroad without her putting the thought into my mind, and we got to live in Hungary together!).  Anyway, she has made the move to CA and now resides in the Googleverse there, which means it's convenient enough for her to make a quick weekend getaway to visit ME in Utah, without needing time off work!  It was so fun to see her!! (and maybe I'll sneak away next time :D)

As seems to be the custom lately, I got ZERO pictures of our shenanigans, but she took plenty of phone pics (and so did my kids...) and she was kind enough to share.  Here are a couple of my favs:
Despite having no kids of her own, she is better with kids than I am.  (Which, I guess, isn't saying much.... perhaps it would be better not to compare and just say, she is great with kids!) So much so that on Sunday night when we were putting Peach to bed, she told Karen that they could share a bed that night if she wanted to.  When Karen told her that she had to go home that night, Peach said she wanted a hug before she left and gave her a little kiss too!!  It was the cutest ever!
We had to make rolls while Karen was here.  (So I could show her what I've been "studying" since leaving school.  'Cause we are both nerdy that way and love to study.)  This is Peach making hers into a "puppy".
We did go out to dinner at a cool place on Saturday night - The Black Sheep Cafe, but mostly, we just lazed around while Karen was here.  We probably spent more time in our PJs than was proper, but we're just that close. :)

Thanks for coming Karen!!!  Next time, we can chill in the peace and quiet, by your pool and take a ballet class! :)

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Karen said...

Thanks for hosting me! I had so much fun - your kids are adorable :) Can't wait to come back and visit or to have you visit me. And yes, Peach made me feel extra welcome.