Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Peach's Preschool - B week

Wow! I guess Jay being out of town for 2 WEEKS really played a toll on how much I was able to get done.  I just haven't been able to make time for fun things like blogging.  I haven't been taking pictures of anything either!!

I have started doing a preschool co-op with 3 other moms in the neighborhood and this week is my first week taking my turn.  As you may have guessed, I would over-plan and needlessly stress out over having a good lesson plan.   I'm going to keep track of what I did, mostly for my own records.

We're talking about the letter B, the color purple, triangles, and the number 1 this week.  Yesterday we talked about Bugs and Birds:
-I had a bag full of B objects and they took turns pulling them out one-by-one.  (probably I had too many in there... Everyone got to pull out 3 or 4)
-We read The Very Lonely Firefly board book by Eric Carl and Owl Babies by Martin Waddell (and I also had a stack of 5 others, just in case...).
-We sung "itsy bitsy spider" and the "baby bumble bee" song (I don't even know it's official name...)
-We looked for bugs outside together
-We "danced" (i.e. ran around like mad) to the Flight of the Bumblebee song, and they liked that so much, I picked something else by Beethoven to pretend to be Butterflies or Ballerinas to.
-Our snacks are quite limited because one of the girls is diabetic, so it must have <1g and="" carbs.="" e="" egg="" eggs="" fun="" had="" hard-boiled="" kids="" my="" nbsp="" p="" peeling="" slicer.="" the="" them="" using="">-We made little "hand butterflies" and decorated them with triangles I tried to get the kids to cut out.  (not a great idea...)  Next time I'll have strips already cut out and show them how to make triangles with small snips.  I had originally planned to make these little toilet paper tube owls, but when I woke up early to cut out the fabric scrap pieces, I discovered that someone had used my fabric shears for something other than fabric and had totally ruined them.  (there were all these little nicks along the blade), so I did the butterflies as last-minute backup.  I also had prepared these cute firefly jars, but I knew they would be SO fast, that I didn't start off with them.  However, we ran out of time.
-I also printed off a worksheet for them to trace through an easy path and color some B things on the back while they waited for moms to come get them.

We're talking about bodies tomorrow, and more about 1s.

Anyone have a good method to make gluing things for 3-year-olds easier/less messy?

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Anonymous said...

Glue sticks and glue dots are less messy. Although little hands might not have the manual dexterity for some glue dots.