Monday, October 14, 2013

Peach's Preschool - B Week day 2

Oddly, we only ended up having Peach and 1 other girl on Wednesday...

During our initial playtime (which was a bit longer than usual because so few people were there and I was kind of waiting to see if anyone else was coming...) we had Blocks, Babies, and a doctor kit out because the focus of our day was to be about Bodies.

During "Circle Time" we:
 started out by reading The Human Body: A First Discovery Book, a really awesome beginning illustration of our body parts I happened to find at a used book store. I love the clear pages with all the organs/systems printed on them so you can really see all the layers inside our bodies. I also love the numbers so that when your child points to some obscure body part and asks what it's called, you can act like you are "in the know". :) Then we read I Can Move, a great children's book (I think we inherited?) about bones. Finally, we very briefly flipped through Hear Your Heart, because I didn't anticipate how long the kids would want to spend on the first book.  I gave everyone a toilet paper tube to try listening to each others hearts through.
Then we sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" and "Do As I'm Doing" and took turns being the person we all followed.

Snack Time:
  Nothing special- pears and animal crackers.  I was planning a no carb snack, but since that girl was sick, I thought I'd take advantage and do something easier.

Physical Activity:
  We all had a Balloon and we tried keeping them up in the air using different Body parts.  And then we practiced throwing and catching with them.

  I gave everyone a skeleton on a piece of paper and bowls of pasta and we glued on the pasta to look like a skeleton.  If I were more clever, I would have thought of something that starts with Bs, like beads or something...

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