Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shoes for Hazel

Hazel is nearing her 1st birthday, and with my older two kids, that was when I got them their first shoes.  Peach had an awesome pair of sneakers her nanny bought her, and I was excited to whip those little babies out for Hazel.  However, I was surprised to discover that they were gigantic on her!!  Peach is super hard to find shoes for because her feet are so narrow, and I just assumed her sister would benefit from the scouring we did for Peach, but turns out, though Hazel feels to me to be bigger in all other ways, her feet are much tinier.
I ended up getting these cutsie fake converses from old navy for really cheap.  They're really more like slippers (they're a bit fuzzy inside) which is really what I was going for, since she isn't really walking yet and I'll probably have to carry her around once she finally does, because it will be snowy, etc.
I tried to get a picture of her trying them on for the first time, but Peach was sort of stealing the stage.
She does seem to keep them on pretty well (for this first week she's been wearing them...)
Peach used to cheese it up whenever the camera came out, but lately, it's all crazy faces.
And I don't know where she learned this concept, but every so often, I'll catch her practicing her splits...  Maybe I'll get a ballerina in the family!! #yesplease!!

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