Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Cheesecake!

I made my first cheesecake ever! I'm always surprised at how not hard to make a lot of "fancy" foods are. Cheesecake is no exception. I did get a gigantic crack in the top, but it tasted great and once you slice it up, you have no way of knowing about it. I used this recipe for the cake and this one for the strawberry topping for Jay and put dove hot fudge on mine. mmm.

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Patrick, Keegan, and munchkin said...

That's a beautiful cheesecake! I totally hear you about the fancy food issue. People made me think it was hard too, but I made a chocolate cheesecake and it wasn't really very hard at all. I want to try yours though because I think Patrick would like that better than the one I made-- he prefers fruity ones. Can't wait to try it -- except we have to wait a bit so there's a break between over cheesecaking ourselves. :)