Friday, October 9, 2009

The Frog 13 months!

I didn't take many pictures this past week, probably because I was trying to get the house ready for Jay's family to visit, but The Frog did manage to do at least one irresitable Kodak moment.
Some Frog behaviors I've been meaning to write down:

-Lately he loves to get some sort of rag (usually he prefers it wet) so that he can wipe things off. I guess he sees that I wipe things a lot? It's pretty funny. One time he shook out some of his milk so that he could wipe it up with a rag. Silly boy...
-He's getting 3 molars! It's strange that there doesn't seem to be any logical order like there was with his first 8 teeth... he's getting two on the bottom left and one on the top right.
-He's becoming devious.
I have a fake plant in the family room that has been a constant battle to keep The Frog from pulling the leaves off it. One day, I noticed that he would only do it when I was busy doing something (and thus, ignoring The Frog) so that I would stop what I was doing and come pay (negative) attention to him. So I decided to try an experiment: next time he picked the leaves off I would just completely ignore him. The opportunity arose when I was trying to read while sitting on the floor near where The Frog was playing. He wanted me to stop
he picked off a leaf.
I could see in my periphery that he was watching me, but I in no way changed my behavior.
He picked off another.
Still I ignored him.
So he walks up to me and pushes the leaves in my face while I'm reading.
Still I make no signs of interest.
He picked off several more and stuck them in his shopping card and pushed them around, but he doesn't pick them off much anymore.
Libby 1, Frog 0.

However, just goes to show you that some kids will take negative attention to being ignored all together. Very interesting.


LRH said...

Blib..I was all set to tease you and your cleaning habits, but you already did that for yourself. Frog will be just like you. No spec of food on his counter. No secret dust on his wall.

PS if you could see my house right now you would have a heart attack. Better keep Frog away too, his heart might not be as strong.

Elder and Sister D said...

VIO. Very Important Observation!
gma j