Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the word's of Tay, "UN-believable!"

The most amazing thing happened to me today! I'm not going to say it was the best day of my life, but it could quite possibly be among the top 5... definitely top 10.

Today I won a $500 gift certificate to Macy's! That's right: 5-0-0! Can you believe it! I never win anything from drawings. I used to always enter those drawings at the mall where you can win a new car, or wave-runner, or whatever is on display at the time. I, of course, always entered my mom, because I was too young. As far as I know, she never won anything, despite my valiant efforts.

So, I went into Macy's a few weeks ago to replace a plate The Frog managed to break, and I almost left feeling disappointed that they didn't have them in stock. However, I wanted to make a cheesecake for that weekend so I ended up buying a spring-form pan while I was there. There was some kind of promotion going on where if you donated $5 you get a $10 gift card (useable immediately) and the chance to enter a drawing. I thought, why not?

I will point out that I painstakingly thought about how I should fold my card before sliding it into the slot, and I give full credit to my immaculate craftsmanship.

Sadly, I have no recollection of what I, in the end, decided to do to it. But clearly, it worked. Now that I know that I am capable of freebees, I feel a renewed hope in probability- the one area of math I could never really grasp.

So does this mean my chances of winning again are slimmer now?

At any rate, I won. I'm a winner. Look at me!

Money stacks.jpg

So now only one question remains-

what should I get?


Jared & Kat said...

Lucky girl!! I wish I was able to blow $500 that someone else gave me. Have fun!!

Lindsay said...

Yayyyy!! So exciting!! And I love the visual of Taylor saying "UN-believable!!"!

WalkConkies said...

That is awesome! The only thing I remember winning (other than a couple coloring contests) was a ginormous itchy 100% wool sweater with a neck that covered my nose and looked very grandmotherly ;)! That was when I signed up for a ski trip back in high school?!? Didn't even know the sweater was a possible prize or I might not have had the guts to sign up! Wow - the possiblities - I'm sure there is a nasty wool sweater you could spend a big chunk of change on :)!

Elder and Sister D said...

Since I never won anything from your entering me in contests...split it with me!!!! hheeheee, actually, think about it a lot and then buy something you need, something you want and something for someone else. Knowing you, you'll still have $ left over! Enjoy!!!! mm

Jenny Bay said...

That is AWESOME!! Have fun shopping!

Kira Clawson said...

WOW, how lucky are you! That's so great!

taylor and laney said...

So happy to know that I have such an impressionable impact on my friends. Congrats. I would buy myself some new ties. Although, we just bought the Martha Stewart cast iron pan from there and are completely in love with it. HIghly recommended!

Kelibby's Mom said...

Good sheets and towels. Oh...and don't you need a new pie plate?