Monday, October 12, 2009

Jay's fam in town

This past weekend, Jay's family flew from MA to visit us! It was so good to see them and The Frog had a great time with his Nanny and Gampie and Cousin K. We were so busy the whole time, I forgot to whip out the camera except during the highlight of the trip- going to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point. Tturns out, it's the largest in the world! Though I didn't get to read much information because I was following The Frog and keeping him out of trouble, it was still awesome to see all the constructed dinosaur skeletons and Jay would usually relay some of the more noteworthy facts. The Frog had a good time too- we would love to go again!

Some of the dinosaurs were dressed up for Halloween!
The Frog feeling a fossil
Jay with a not-so-woolly mammoth
The Frog, Auntie K and a Shark
The Frog uncovering fossils

While Jay and his dad were busy fixing things around the house, Pam and I worked on a quilt for The Frog and I'll post pictures as soon as I finish it.

We're so glad they could come! It's always great to see them!

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