Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yummy Mess

In the time it took me to make this

The Frog did this

Thank goodness most of the cupboards in our kitchen are elastic-banded shut!

Sadly, we never got to taste this lovely treat- in the rush, I left the pie on the roof of the car and we drove off. It smashed in the road and broke my favorite glass pie pan.

Turns out, I'm one of THOSE people...


Patrick, Keegan, and munchkin said...

Loss of pan and loss of pie both = SO sad. It looks yummy though. Our living room always looks like your kitchen looked -- :)

Mama Chick said...

Bummer! What did you make?

Elder and Sister D said...

I'm the reason you're one of THOSE people.....sorry......really sorry, SO sorry mm