Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Toddlers for a Weekend

I had the privilege of watching my 14-mo old nephew, S, this past weekend while my brother celebrated his anniversary. I was a bit nervous about the extra child, but it turned out to be very doable and gave me a bit of relief for #2 coming this August. :) The Frog was really excited to have a buddy around, although he was a bit rough. Luckily, cousin S was a trooper and took it in stride... most of the time :)
This picture is not actually very representative of normal cousin S behavior. I was continually amazed by how clean S was when he was all done eating. This is mostly because S is completely content to let you feed him every bite, and he complies very well by opening his mouth as wide as possible before each one. I was kind of wondering if it was even possible for him to be messy, so I decided to let him have a go at the last bit of bean soup. Looks like he's not the "perfect" eater after all ;)
Cousin S absolutely ADORED the slide and kept himself busy climbing up and sliding down for quite some time. The Frog would occasionally join him.
Here, The Frog is putting a piece of ice through a small hole. As you can see, this was very exciting for both of them, and The Frog did this until it completely melted.
There was also a bit of dirt smearing...
Now that cousin S is gone, The Frog keeps asking about him when we get in the car and his car seat is gone. If we ask where S is at home, The Frog checks up in the room where he was staying to see if he's sleeping. Looks like we're going to have to plan sleep overs in the future! I can't wait :D

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